The History of the Just-Us Inn

The Just-Us Inn has a long history in Sherman country.  It was built in 1889 when Wasco was the first county seat; court meetings and trials were held at the Oskaloosa hotel.  The Oskaloosa was built by Levi Armsworthy.  He later sold it to Mrs. D.L. Adams, who then called it the Western Hotel. The two-story hotel had 19 rooms.  A room cost $1.00 a night, and for 25 cents more she would feed you dinner.

old oskaloosa
Dora Moore owned the hotel for many years and then sold it to Don Degrange, whose son, Ken, was ready to tear it down.  In 2001, along comes a woman with a very big dream of restoring this fine Historical hotel to its former glory!  Don had been using it as a storage shed for many years.  It took Judi Ray 3 years just to unload all of the junk from all 19 of the rooms before she could start her dream.  She and her troops worked on the hotel from 2001 until 2007.  When Judy Ray's life changed, and she could no longer keep the hotel, her family responsibilities forced her to put the hotel up for sale. 

In early summer 2007, an old friend of ours had noticed the for sale sign while fishing, and mentioned it to us 3 or 4 times in the next week.  So we went for a drive in the gorge, and the rest is becoming history!  In mid-July that year, my husband, Ron, and I fell in love with the place.  Three weeks later we had bought it. 

We named it the "Just-Us Inn" because it was just Ron and Debbie, and it was justice that we were able to move out of Portland, part time.  Did I mention that it's haunted?  Well, parts of it are, with all the card games and drinking and trials going on in the old days.  There are many spirits left who are able to make their presence known, and have done so quite often...

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